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10 Tips To Buy A Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off

October 26, 2016

It’s easy to be scammed if you buy a used car, but do not worry, if you follow these ten tips neatly chances a lot smaller that you purchase a barrel.

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10. Know your budget

If you have to spend up to € 10,000 for a car, then buy no BMW € 9.999. The chances are that you get to make such a car with high maintenance costs. Even as you are handy, you often have a capital spend on original BMW parts.

9. Do research on the model you have in mind

Always make sure that you research the car you want to buy. What are teething problems and weaknesses of this particular model?

On various websites and forums, problems with the car are untold information on different vehicles.

Are you then you can spare at the height of known issues with a particular model, or watching the particular component has been replaced before you buy the car.

8. Check the reputation of the dealer online

Are posted on the Internet a lot of experience with individual car dealers. Google always the name of the dealer or car salesperson.

A few negative reviews, you do not stop the sale. However, if there is an open cesspool if you type the name of the dealer in Google, then it is advisable to take a look at another dealer.

This is an excellent example of a company you probably have no business doing it.

7. Buy a car through a (bankruptcy) auction

Looking for a bargain? Then it may be smart to consider visiting an auction. Several parties arrange sales, such as the domains Goods or BVA.

Although it is not often possible to make a test drive, or to check the car technically, you can often buy a car well below the market price. Since there are many car dealers are present on this type of auctions make the end consumer an excellent opportunity to score a good deal, after all, you do not have to make significant gains in sales of the car.

6. Trust companies aimlessly by approvals

There are a lot of dodgy car dealers recognized by the RDW and BOVAG. Also, there are many businesses that elect themselves as “number one in used cars” or the like

In many cases, this nothing, each holding means may apply for recognition RDW. This has nothing to do with the quality of the cars.

5. Do not impulse buy

A car hires based on emotion. However, make sure you do not impulse buy. The Chances are good that you mentioned earlier does not perform checks on the car dealer. A car dealer will always insist on buying the vehicle quickly.

If you come after a thousand kilometers behind the car is not right, you’ll soon regret your impulse purchase.

4. Let approve the vehicle independently

Dealers like to adopt their cars. I advise you always to leave the vehicle itself supported by a specialist or party like DEKRA.

If the dealer has confidence in the quality of its cars, then it’s no problem to take the car for a technical inspection. Since you can always do better to have a customer that is directly satisfied, a client you long chases a year with all kinds of problems.

3. Do a check on the previous owner

Feel free to call me a creep, but if I were a car from a private sale, I always make sure that I know all of the previous

I do terribly from buying cars in Germany by private individuals because prices are often much lower than the same cars at auto dealers.

After I checked the maintenance history of the car, I always try to make an assessment of the person selling the car.

The seller is a cheapskate which his car had a cheap car company in maintenance?

Does the seller sell the car quickly? For example, because he has already bought a new one?

Buying a car from an individual may be absorbing. I often buy cars for my clients. Recently I bought this VW Touareg of an elderly couple in southern Germany.

After I had done, my checks showed that the car was almost not used (27.000KM) and that the owner of the car had always kept tidy at the dealership. The car was a full option. The couple had just bought a new VW Camper for vacations in Italy.

2. Connect no financing via the dealer (!!!)

Financing and lease contracts are now the most profitable products to car dealers. Packaged in products such as 50/50 deals and buy now, pay in 2023. Do you want to finance a car? No problem, but never do it at a car dealership. A bank or leasing company can often offer much lower interest rates.

1. Be prepared to walk away

I always negotiate the price if I buy a car for one of my clients. While many people find it uncomfortable, it is always possible for a minimum of € 500, – to get off the price.

A bonus I think. A car salesperson will always reject, therefore, be prepared to bid at first to walk away if the deal you do not like.

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