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Buyer’s Guides: Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

November 21, 2016

Golf is one of the greatest sports of all time. There are more and more people all over the world falling in love with this amazing sport. Golf is for everyone of all ages as long you you love it. So it is never to late to start playing golf. But there is one thing that you should know before you start learning how to play golf is that there are a lot of golf equipment for you to prepare.

golf player

If you are a new golfer, the first things that you might probably look for will be a set of golf clubs. It is not very difficult to choose golf clubs for beginners. You can go to the Internet and search and Google will give you thousands of results of where and how you can buy golf clubs. And today in this article, I will share with you something you should know if you want to find a perfect set of golf clubs for beginners.

The maximum number of golf club that you are permitted to carry to the course is 14 clubs, according to USGA rules. Those 14 clubs, of course, are not alike. A typical set consists of 1 driver, 2 fairway woods, 1 hybrid, 7 irons, 2 wedges and finally one putter. However, It is not mandatory for you to buy all of those 14 clubs. If you are a new golfer and you don’t have much money, you can start with a driver, an iron set and a putter. And you do not need to buy expensive ones. It is ok for you to start with a set of golf clubs of under $400. But if you can, you should buy a complete set of golf clubs because they will come with a golf bag. So think about what is the best choice for you. If you already have a bag, you can just buy some types of golf clubs that you really need for the first golf lessons and save money to buy expensive, high-quality ones when you get to higher level.

best golf clubs for beginners

If you want to start the game with even less money, you can consider buying used golf clubs. Some people never think of using second-hand things even when they are not very rich. But in fact, and in golf game, there is nothing bad about using used golf clubs. Brand-new golf clubs cannot ensure that you can become a great golfer, and like that, used golf clubs also do not make a a bad golf player. So I think buying used golf clubs is a smart choice. When you go to choose golf clubs to buy, you can ask the shop assistant. They can give you some good advice and help you choose the golf clubs that suit you the best.

Buying golf clubs for beginners is not a hard task. So you don’t have to worry. The most imporant thing is after you buy those golf clubs. How hard you practise will decide. Fighting!

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