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Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Push Cart

January 10, 2017

Many people think that it’s easy to choose a golf push cart because it doesn’t directly affect golfers’ performance and there are not many features to consider. However, nowadays, due to rising popularity of golf push cart, manufacturers have added many features into their products to increase their competitive advantages. As a result, there are many types of gold push cart with numerous features in the market. Therefore, golfers need to think more carefully before purchasing a new golf push cart. Basically, there are 6 main features that you should take into consideration.

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Compact size

Golf push carts are collapsible, so golfers can bring them along conveniently. Besides the time when they are used in golf course, gold push carts are folded. Therefore, you should pay attention to the compact size of the golf push carts to make sure it fits your cabinet, locker, car trunk or any place where you intend to place it. Besides, you should also check it the cart could be folded and unfolded easily or not.

Wheel Size

Normally a push cart has 3 or 4 wheels. These wheels help the carts move smoothly in any surface. Although they seem to be an insignificant feature of a cart but in fact, you have to think of wheel size when buying a golf push cart. The smaller the wheel is, the more energy you have to put in pushing the cart through rough surfaces. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose golf push cart with big wheel size, so you can save a lot of time and energy.


Handle is also important because it affects how you steer the golf push cart on the courses. A durable and sturdy handle would provide better control of the cart. Besides, you should also pay attention to the comfort when gripping the handles; handle with padding is advisable to have the most comfortable grip.

Seating Option

Some golf push carts even provide a seat for golfers. It’s not imperative to have this seating option but this feature is very useful. A normal golf match normally lasts several hours and sometimes, golfers have to wait for a long period. In this case, a seat would be ideal for them to sit down and rest.


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Like other vehicles, brake is important to a golf push cart. The golf courses are not flat terrains; there are hills, slopes… Therefore, a good brake could ensure better safety. To the golf push carts with seating feature, the brakes are even more important because it could add stability when seating.  There are different types of brakes: brake in one wheel or brakes in al wheels of the cart. Having brakes on all wheels are more beneficial.

Additional Features

There are many other features which have been added to golf push cart. All of them have their own benefits. However, additional features usually add more weight to the golf push cart. Therefore, you should think of each feature’s importance carefully before deciding if that feature is really needed for you or not.

In short, a golf push cart could help you to save money for caddies but it also costs you a considerable amount of money. Therefore, understanding your demands, requirements, budget and careful considerations of all features are necessary before making decision to buy a certain golf push cart.

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