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Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats

January 28, 2017

It’s difficult to choose a good baseball bats but it’s even harder to select a good baseball bat for kids. A good youth baseball bat should help players not only maximize their performances but also safely develop good playing techniques. In 2016, there are 5 products which meet these above mentioned demands.

DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord (-13)

best youth baseball bats

There is no doubt that DeMarini is one of the best baseball bat makers, they have a wide variety range of products for varioustypes of players. DaMarini’s baseball bats for kids have also received a lot of compliments from customers. In 2016, DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat is chosen as the best youth baseball bat. Regarding size, this bat is available in wide range of length and weight, so any kid can easily find a bat which has suitable size. Its barrel is quite small, only 2.22 inches to help young players maximize their swing power. Besides, the handle is special designed with newest technology from DeMarini to ensure comfortable and safe grip for kids.

Easton S500

Besides DeMarini, Easton is also a well-known bat brand which often appears in many lists of top bats of many categories. Regarding youth baseball bats, Easton S500 is their best product. The most noticeable strong point of this product is its light weight. S500 is a one-piece bat made from aircraft alloy composition. This material makes this bat lightweight but still powerful. Therefore, it fits the players who want to enhance their swing strength and speed. Besides, S500 has smooth and solid Pro Track Grip to help players to control the bat and have precise, powerful hit without causing sting. Besides, Easton S500 is approved in many major youth leagues.


Easton MAKO COMPOSITE has a colorful design which is perfect choice for dynamic kids. It is a two-piece composite bat. The composite material of this bat is Easton exclusive technology called TCTATM Thermo Composite which could help to enlarge sweet spot. Its grip is using another Easton’s trademark technology Hyperskin grip which is able to stabilize players’ grasp when hitting the ball. Easton MAKO COMPOSITE is available in many sizes and weights for your selection.

Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12)

A list of top baseball bats seems incomplete without a name from Louisville Slugger. Just the brand name Louisville Slugger could ensure you a good quality baseball bat. It also doesn’t disappoint any young player. This is a one-piece alloy bat which comes in many lengths and weights to suit most of kid players. Alloy material gives this bat an extremely light weight so that players could maximize their swing speed. Furthermore, affordable price is considered significant strength of this product because it’s perfect for young players who have limited budget but need good baseball bat. The handle is also doing good job in minimizing sting and protecting players’ wrists.

Easton 2015 YB15X3 XL3 ALUM -11

This Easton bat is the third candidate from Easton in this list. It has been receiving numerous praises from players and expert for great quality in many aspects. Its barrel is made to maximize swing’s strength while the barrel is designed to create unshakeable grip. In fact, it has balance between speed, weight and barrel’s impact so that players always feel comfortable and safe when using this bat. Easton 2015 YB15MK is valid in many youth leagues. Therefore, this product is choice of many players in official baseball youth leagues.

This list will be a good suggestion for anyone who is looking for a bat for young players. By focus on this list, you can save a lot of time looking for reviews and comments on other thousands baseball bats in the market.

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