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Whozzu Air Lounger with bag Review

February 24, 2017

Whozzu Air Lounger with bag has been rated as the top inflatable lounge chair recently. It’s understandable because Whozzu Air Lounger has outperformed many other inflatable air lounges in many aspects.


Actually, material has contributed the biggest part in the success of Whozzu Air Lounger. This air lounge is made ripstop nylon parachute. This is one of the most perfect materials for inflatable air lounge because it has ability to withstand a considerable amount of weight, resist water and tear. Thanks to this material, the Whozzu Air Lounger could be used on water or harsh surfaces and has amazing durability.

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Weight and Size

The size of Whozzu Air Lounger is enough for 2 people to sit together on the lounge.

The ripstop nylon parachute material has brought a lot of benefits but it also causes a disadvantage. Because its material is sturdy and durable, Whozzu Air Lounger is quite bulky. It weighs 1.2 kg which is slightly heavier than others. However, at this weight, you still can carry this air lounge along without any difficulty.


Whozzu inflatable air lounge could be put nearly anywhere, on uneven surface or water surface. It could be used as a comfortable lounge or even an air mattress. Thanks to the great material, the comfort of this air lounge is always kept at high level.


As mentioned above, the material helps this air lounge to have great durability because it is not negatively affected by harsh outdoor conditions. Besides, Whozzu even offers lifetime warranty for this product, so customers always feel assured about its durability.

Additional features

Whozzu really gave deep thought to create this inflatable air lounge; they have added many good additional features to maximize its convenience and comfort.

Firstly, there are 2 large pockets, so you can easily arrange your belongings such as phone, magazine… easily and neatly. You also don’t have to worry about your drinks because the drink holder attached to the lounge will help you keep it properly. Besides, the lounge even comes with a ground anchor to help it withstand strong wind.


In fact, most of inflatable air lounges in the market would cost you less than 100 USD. But you have to pay 150 USD for a Whozzu Air Lounger. Although it’s pricey, its quality is considerably better than other inflatable air lounges which have lower price. Besides, because of the lifetime warranty, you could get your money back if there is any problem with the lounge. So basically, you only have to pay once for a product that could last for life time.


Of course, this product does have some minor drawbacks. The first one is deflation which is the common problem of any inflatable air lounge; it tends to gradually lose air after a few hours. Secondly, there are limited color options; only mauve and blue are available.

Recently, Whozzu Air Loungers have received a lot of compliments for its extraordinary quality. Therefore, if you have generous budget and are looking for an inflatable air lounge with top-notch quality, Whozzu Air Lounger is the perfect choice for you.

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