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About Me

About Me

Welcome to I am Harold Lopez and I’m a full time Blogger creating a living from this brand-new and dynamic method from blogs like games as well as sports.

I actually started blogs in mainly because I wanted to maintain a record of what I was learning about operating a blog for money and because I needed to connect with other writers making money from their websites. Since that time I have added well over 100 articles, tutorials, tips, and case studies to my archives right here.


Within 24 hours of reading the article I had started my own blog – a personal blog where I have personally explored issues of sports like the game of golf, soccer, basketball etc. I’ve learned much from the experience of that blog that I’ve since started many other blogs.

I actually am a sport lover. As my personal blogs have grown-up in popularity and have commenced to generate income running a blog has grown-up from a hobby to a part time job through to a completely fledged business in recent times.

I have slowly developed my blogging in an income source which includes enabled me to dedicate plenty of times to the main point where I am a full time blogger at the moment.
If you would like more information on my blog, you should get in touch through my own contact page.