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Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Push Cart

January 10, 2017

Many people think that it’s easy to choose a golf push cart because it doesn’t directly affect golfers’ performance and there are not many features to consider. However, nowadays, due to rising popularity of golf push cart, manufacturers have added many features into their products to increase their competitive advantages. As a result, there are many types of gold push cart with numerous features in the market. Therefore, golfers need to think more carefully before purchasing a new golf push cart. Basically, there are 6 main features that you should take into consideration.

best golf bags

Compact size

Golf push carts are collapsible, so golfers can bring them along conveniently. Besides the time when they are used in golf course, gold push carts are folded. Therefore, you should pay attention to the compact size of the golf push carts to make sure it fits your cabinet, locker, car trunk or any place where you intend to place it. Besides, you should also check it the cart could be folded and unfolded easily or not.

Wheel Size

Normally a push cart has 3 or 4 wheels. These wheels help the carts move smoothly in any surface. Although they seem to be an insignificant feature of a cart but in fact, you have to think of wheel size when buying a golf push cart. The smaller the wheel is, the more energy you have to put in pushing the cart through rough surfaces. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose golf push cart with big wheel size, so you can save a lot of time and energy.


Handle is also important because it affects how you steer the golf push cart on the courses. A durable and sturdy handle would provide better control of the cart. Besides, you should also pay attention to the comfort when gripping the handles; handle with padding is advisable to have the most comfortable grip.

Seating Option

Some golf push carts even provide a seat for golfers. It’s not imperative to have this seating option but this feature is very useful. A normal golf match normally lasts several hours and sometimes, golfers have to wait for a long period. In this case, a seat would be ideal for them to sit down and rest.


best golf push cart

Like other vehicles, brake is important to a golf push cart. The golf courses are not flat terrains; there are hills, slopes… Therefore, a good brake could ensure better safety. To the golf push carts with seating feature, the brakes are even more important because it could add stability when seating.  There are different types of brakes: brake in one wheel or brakes in al wheels of the cart. Having brakes on all wheels are more beneficial.

Additional Features

There are many other features which have been added to golf push cart. All of them have their own benefits. However, additional features usually add more weight to the golf push cart. Therefore, you should think of each feature’s importance carefully before deciding if that feature is really needed for you or not.

In short, a golf push cart could help you to save money for caddies but it also costs you a considerable amount of money. Therefore, understanding your demands, requirements, budget and careful considerations of all features are necessary before making decision to buy a certain golf push cart.

Buyer’s Guides: Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

November 21, 2016

Golf is one of the greatest sports of all time. There are more and more people all over the world falling in love with this amazing sport. Golf is for everyone of all ages as long you you love it. So it is never to late to start playing golf. But there is one thing that you should know before you start learning how to play golf is that there are a lot of golf equipment for you to prepare.

golf player

If you are a new golfer, the first things that you might probably look for will be a set of golf clubs. It is not very difficult to choose golf clubs for beginners. You can go to the Internet and search and Google will give you thousands of results of where and how you can buy golf clubs. And today in this article, I will share with you something you should know if you want to find a perfect set of golf clubs for beginners.

The maximum number of golf club that you are permitted to carry to the course is 14 clubs, according to USGA rules. Those 14 clubs, of course, are not alike. A typical set consists of 1 driver, 2 fairway woods, 1 hybrid, 7 irons, 2 wedges and finally one putter. However, It is not mandatory for you to buy all of those 14 clubs. If you are a new golfer and you don’t have much money, you can start with a driver, an iron set and a putter. And you do not need to buy expensive ones. It is ok for you to start with a set of golf clubs of under $400. But if you can, you should buy a complete set of golf clubs because they will come with a golf bag. So think about what is the best choice for you. If you already have a bag, you can just buy some types of golf clubs that you really need for the first golf lessons and save money to buy expensive, high-quality ones when you get to higher level.

best golf clubs for beginners

If you want to start the game with even less money, you can consider buying used golf clubs. Some people never think of using second-hand things even when they are not very rich. But in fact, and in golf game, there is nothing bad about using used golf clubs. Brand-new golf clubs cannot ensure that you can become a great golfer, and like that, used golf clubs also do not make a a bad golf player. So I think buying used golf clubs is a smart choice. When you go to choose golf clubs to buy, you can ask the shop assistant. They can give you some good advice and help you choose the golf clubs that suit you the best.

Buying golf clubs for beginners is not a hard task. So you don’t have to worry. The most imporant thing is after you buy those golf clubs. How hard you practise will decide. Fighting!

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Golf Bags

July 20, 2016

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Golf Bags

There are 4 types of golf bag:

  • The trolley bag
  • The laptop shoulder bag
  • The practice of laptop bag (the smallest and lightest)
  • The Tour bag (largest)

The 4 categories of bags are aptly named; that is to say that the notebooks are designed to be worn, even if can position them on a trolley.

As against the bags, carts are not designed to be worn. To choose your bag, several criteria are important, besides a pleasant design: 

best golf clubs for beginners

1 – Weight and handling: If you have back problems, prefer a cart bag. You should know that your most complete set accessories can add around 10 kg of weight. More expensive to buy the cart bag will last longer in use. In choosing your bag takes into account the size of your chest. Lighter laptop bag will be less bulky.

 2 – The accessibility of irons and accessories: The number of pockets, specificity (e.g. presence of an insulated pocket) is an important indication of product quality.

Golf Equipment: How To Choose The Best Golf Bag?

To play golf in good conditions, own a set of clubs is not enough. Have quality equipment is also essential. But how to choose? After choosing clubs, beginners or senior golfer must have a somewhat consistent range: balls, tees, bag or trolley, gloves, rangefinder and shoes. What happens next? Read more or click to find the best golf bags for you.

What bag to buy?

Titleist 14 Way Stand Bag

To transport their equipment, it is essential or mandatory to possess a bag. There are 4 types: the trolley bag, laptop shoulder bag, the driving range of laptop bag (lighter), and tour bag (largest). Each of these bags is designed to be worn. However, it will be impossible to bring a cart. To choose a good bag, we must study several criteria.

Firstly, the weight and maneuverability. A complete series in one bag weighs around 10 kilograms. For a player with back, problems will logically favor a trolley bag. It is more expensive but has a longer life. If you choose this option, an electric car will be essential on the course.

If you go by car on land, be sure to take a bag that fits in the trunk. The second step is to thoroughly inspect the bag. Do you need a strap and handles? How many pockets will you be required? Will you need an insulated bag? A good bag must have seams on the most stressed parts to last in time. On the handle, rivets and pressures must be attached correctly. Otherwise, it may tear. If you are left, pay attention to the bag. Pay attention to the number of clubs that you can store in the bag. Many golfers prefer a bag with a special compartment for the putter.

Finally, the bag material can also make a difference. Most are leather or canvas. Do not neglect maintenance, if you hope to keep some years. Then go for a waterproof cover.  Tees wood or plastic? The choice of tees is also important, although this may seem trivial at first.

There are two categories: wooden tees and plastic ones. The former are the better plant in the soil and thus enable better stability when you strike the ball. In an economic concern, you can fall back on plastic tees, which have a longer life. Also, they adapt to your needs, since some have their adjustable height.

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

June 10, 2016

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

The development of technology has dramatically changed the way we play golf. And one of the most important application is a rangefinder. Golf rangefinders have become a good friend of golfers. If you know how to make use of it, a golf rangefinder can help you a lot and improve your game better. You find it hard and time-consuming to determine your distance to the hole or any other point  on the golf course? No more – with a golf rangefinder beside you. The best golf rangefinder is useful in this case because it can use measurements to figure out points about the course. Why do I say that? Just read golf rangefinder reviews from professional golfers on their blog, then you will realize that how a golf rangefinder is useful for your game.  Therefore, things will be much easier for you and you will have more time to focus on improving your golf skills.

best golf rangefinder

You can find on the market  two types of golf rangefinders. One is  laser golf rangefinder  and the other  GPS golf rangefinder , each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The difference between these two type is that a GPS – based rangefinder require less time to determine the distance but the course needs mapping and sometimes you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the service that you choose. On the contrary, a laser golf rangefinder does not require you to map the course but it can take you longer to measure the distance to the point.  There are also some differences in the way we use them that you should know. Though a golf rangefinder is hard to resist because of its utility, there are still some sayings that using it is a little bit confusing. Yes, it is – if you don’t know. You will soon know it clearly right away after this article.

First, I will tell you about how to use a Laser Golf Rangefinder. With Laser Golf Rangefinder, you can see the viewport on it, through which you can determine the distance by aiming the rangefinder at the object. Next, just pull the rangefinder’s trigger and the laser beam will be sent to the target. Finally, on the display of the golf rangefinder, you will see the distance read-out. Is that easy?

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

For a GPS Golf Rangefinder, don’t forget to load the course before playing to avoid having to buy  from the market. As I said above, a lot of the units sold on the market will take away from you a lot of money for a monthly subscription service. Remember it unless the financial issue is out of your care.  What you need to do then is to turn it on and permit it to acquire GPS satellite feed. After you select  the hole and target, the next hole on the course will automatically appear for you to choose.  Don’t worry if you are not playing the course holes in order because a GPS Golf Rangefinder will allow you to manually choose the next hole or target to get a distance measurement.

Knowing how to use a golf rangefinder will really help to improve your game. Hope that you find this article useful.

GPS Golf Watch Review from Pyle Sports

June 10, 2016

Review from Pyle Sports

The Pyle Sports activities GPS Golf View isn’t yet another GPS Golf Watch, it is a stylish, light-weight, plus comfortable everyday sports activity watch. It simply happens to provide fantastic performance on the course as well also. Read the following golf gps watch reviews and you will get the correct idea.



So it’s the sporty GPS Golfing Watch filled with functions, but do all those functions succeed around the course? When starting your across the watch shall use its GPS to find what course you’re on automatically. ‘Finding Courses Close by ’ feels as though it takes just a little more time than it will, but perhaps I’ve come too familiar with Google map’s fast location abilities simply.

Once you allow it finish its search it shall present you with a listing of nearby courses. From this true point it really is as basic as selecting the right course, combined with the tee you shall be hitting from, and you are all set. They could not have made the procedure easier truly.

As soon as you complete a hole it is possible to track your rating with several easy clicks of the medial side buttons in the event that you wish, however the watch will function equally well if you decide work with a traditional score cards instead. The auto-hole features shall progress the watch to the next hole without needing to press a button, nevertheless, you can usually by hand override this if you want to go back or ahead a hole.


Pyle Sports GPS Golfing Watch has an easy, sporty appearance and comes in Black, White colored, Grey, and Glowing blue color combinations. It really is thicker than we wish from any view, and may appear bulky on your own wrist rather. However the size will not mean it is weighty or cumbersome to put on, it is actually very comfy and I quickly forgot was actually wearing it, despite not wearing a wrist watch in my normal daily usually, or around the program.

Section of the heavier style houses the particular metal get in touch with factors that the USB getting clip links in order to; we still prefer it had been about half the full total thickness however.

Notable Features


  • Pre-Loaded along with Over 20, 500 Golf Courses
  • Finds and Detects Nearest Course
  • Calculates Chance Range and Range Front/ Middle /Back of Green
  • Detects and Records Participants Golf Score
  • Clearly Displays Hole Quantity, Par Score and Stroke Information
  • Has Almost all Regular Watch Features
  • Weighs significantly less than one lbs.
  • Available within Black, White colored, Gray, and Blue

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Pyle GPS Golf View performs excellently, offering the majority of the exact same functions and features because the larger golfing item brands whilst still to arrive in a realistic price. It has all of the fundamentals golf player requirements in a GPS device, and several nice extras like rating tracking and range measurement. While it is a little bit heavier than we wish from the watch, it does an excellent job at not sensation this way on your wrist, due to its light weight presumably.

SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer review

June 10, 2016

SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer review

A golf swing analyzer will be a great help for you when you play golf. A serious golf player always chooses for themselves the best golf swing analyzer because they know very well the importance of it.

Today I will share with you one of the best golf swing analyzer reviews.

That is the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer. It seems to be a familiar name on many golf swing analyzer reviews but I still want to write a review article by myself to show how much I love this golf swing analyzer and thanks it for helping me so much.

swingsmart duo golf swing analyzer

If money is not a very important issue for you when considering buying a golf swing analyzer, this SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer is the best choice. To be honest, I didn’t have much money at the time when I bought this SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer. But after considering a lot and make comparisons with many others golf swing analyzers on the market, I decided to invest in this SwingSmart. And I think I made the right decision. The analyzer is even better than I expected. All the important information about your swing will be provided precisely in the real time. This information is very helpful to make every swing successful if you know how to make use of it. And what is more, what if you are not on a course but still want to practice swings? That’s ok with this SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer in your hand. The swing analyzer offers a very modern training mode. This is also the feature that I love the most about it. Imagine when you appear on the course after a month, everybody is surprised by your perfect swing saying “wow how it could be? I never saw you playing on the course”. Just joking. But this is a really useful feature.

The device also gains my love because of it quite small size and light weight. With the weight of just 19 grams, you can attach the device to the underside of the shaft or something else. It is difficult to notice. Don’t worry if you are using IOS or Android because the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer can send data to both types. So you don’t have to change your smartphone when using this beautiful SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer. It is compatible no matter which smartphone you use.

swingsmart duo golf analyzer

Because I said that the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer is a very modern device, you can be afraid that it will be difficult to use. But surprisingly, on the contrary, it is not. The SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer is even much easier to use than many other golf swing analyzer on the market. All you need is the ability to read and understand characters and numbers. All the information about your swing speed, tempo, shaft lean and face angle will be provided in a way that any normal person can understand. The format is also very well designed so that the eyes can easily catch the information.

The SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer is really great. Think about it when you want to buy a golf swing analyzer.