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Whozzu Air Lounger with bag Review

February 24, 2017

Whozzu Air Lounger with bag has been rated as the top inflatable lounge chair recently. It’s understandable because Whozzu Air Lounger has outperformed many other inflatable air lounges in many aspects.


Actually, material has contributed the biggest part in the success of Whozzu Air Lounger. This air lounge is made ripstop nylon parachute. This is one of the most perfect materials for inflatable air lounge because it has ability to withstand a considerable amount of weight, resist water and tear. Thanks to this material, the Whozzu Air Lounger could be used on water or harsh surfaces and has amazing durability.

best inflatable lounge

Weight and Size

The size of Whozzu Air Lounger is enough for 2 people to sit together on the lounge.

The ripstop nylon parachute material has brought a lot of benefits but it also causes a disadvantage. Because its material is sturdy and durable, Whozzu Air Lounger is quite bulky. It weighs 1.2 kg which is slightly heavier than others. However, at this weight, you still can carry this air lounge along without any difficulty. read more …

Vivere Double Free-Standing Hammock Review

December 23, 2016

In the market, there are numerous hammock brands but if you are looking for a free-standing hammock for family use with high durability and portability, Vivere Double free-standing hammock is one of the best choices.


Vivere Double free-standing hammock costs around 129$. It’s not the lowest price but not expensive for a piece of furniture either. However, considering various benefits, quality, usefulness and durability of this hammock, it’s such a good deal.


Vivere Double free-standing hammock has Brazilian style which is famous for its durability thanks to thick and closely-woven cotton. It comes with very colorful but graceful stripes along the hammock which creates a bright and full-of-energy atmosphere wherever you put it. This hammock is specially designed for sleeping. Its dimensions are perfect for a single adult to move freely without falling out.

Free standing style

One of the most decisive advantages of this Vivere Double hammock is its free-standing style. Therefore, you don’t have to find any tree or pillar to hang it. Besides, the frame only occupies a space of 3m x 1.5m which allows you to put the whole set of hammock and stand conveniently in your house or garden. The stainless sturdy steel material of the frame even increases its durability, so you are able to put it outside most of the time without any concern. More than that, Vivere Double hammock’s standcan be disassembled without any special tools and packed into a carrying bag within 5 minutes. Hence, it’s easy for you to store this carrying bag in any closet when the hammock is not in use or bring it together on any trips.

Ideal dimension

The size of the hammock is approximately 1.6 x 2.3m which is ideal for 2 people to lie on comfortably and safety. With 1.6m in width, you can easily find the best sleeping posture while lying on this hammock. The frame is well and firmly built to keep whole structure stable even when the hammock is swinging. It even allows several kids to get in at the same time.


The hammock is made from closely-woven cotton which brings you most comfortable, breathable feeling and it doesn’t leave any mark on your skin even though you have lain on this hammock for long time. In addition, cotton material helps to keep warmth during cool night or freeze environment. Another strong point is that it’s washable; you are able to wash this hammock with soap like washing your clothes when it’s dirty.

However, if you intend to put this hammock outside all of the time and cotton-made hammock is not a best fit in this case, Vivere Double gives you other options. You can choose another alternative material such as polyester and Sunbrella fabric without reducing its durability.

With those above mentioned advantages, there is no doubt that Vivere Double free-standing hammock is one of the best-selling one in the market and always gets positive feedback from customers. It’s definitely a good start for people who want to buy hammock for first time.